Finnish Sauna

Wellness & Sauna

The wellness area · Created with the highest quality materials that nature can offer, for your personal well-being.

Mind, body and soul in perfect harmony. Enjoy relaxation, silence and tranquillity in our wellness area Sëurasas.

Sources of warmth · Relax in the natural wood sauna to strengthen the immune system, and calm the mind.

The Finnish sauna is a dry sauna, reaching a temperature of between 80° and 100°C, with low humidity. This type of sauna causes the bather to perspire; and in this way sweating can help raise the immune defences, help the cardiovascular system and reduce stress.

In the Turkish bath (steam bath) the air is humid and warm, with a temperature of around 45°C and 100% humidity. Sweating in this steam bath is less intense than the finnish sauna, but you will benefit from softer smoother toned skin, and it is very useful as a treatment for the respiritory system. And not forgetting it's a great way to relax and reduce stress.

Stimulate the senses · The changing colours, the gentle lighting and a calming atmosphere will relax the senses after an active day in the mountains.

Cosy relaxation islands · To stop time for a moment, relax and feel at peace in ones own company.

Please be aware that children under 16 years of age are not permitted access to the Wellness Facilities. Furthermore, to access the facilities, all guests must wear slippers and bathrobes. We will be happy to lend you a bathrobe for €10.00.- for all your staying. Only slippers for € 2,00.-